About Us

Founded in 2016 by Susan Kennedy, Bullets4Life was born out of a profound response to the heart-wrenching effects of gun violence, especially the tragic losses of young souls like King Carter and Jada Page. From the inner cities to high crime neighborhoods, our efforts have led to the collection of over 10,000 bullets. Each bullet we collect undergoes a transformation, turning from a potential instrument of death into a symbol of awareness, resilience, and hope. Beyond just collecting bullets, Bullets4Life actively engages with communities, spreading awareness about the perils of gun violence. We work closely with survivors and mothers, offering programs that provide support and solace, easing the profound pain of losing a loved one, and ensuring their stories are shared and remembered

Our Mission

Our mission at Bullets4Life is clear: to spread awareness about senseless gun violence, one bullet at a time. Through our unique approach of repurposing bullets into symbols of hope and unity, we aim to shift perspectives and inspire change. Each bullet we transform serves as a powerful testament to the lives affected and our unwavering commitment to making a difference. Coupled with our community programs, we strive to support, heal, and unite those touched by gun violence, fostering a future where communities thrive in harmony and safety.

Meet Our Founder

Susan Kennedy’s journey with Bullets4Life began not just as a response to the tragedies she witnessed but as a personal commitment to a safer future for her three young boys. While many saw bullets as mere instruments of violence, Susan envisioned them as symbols of transformation and unity. Her dedication goes beyond the act of repurposing bullets; it’s about fostering connections, understanding the pain of those affected, and providing a beacon of hope in their darkest hours.

As a mother and visionary, Susan has been the driving force behind Bullets4Life’s nationwide initiatives. Her hands-on approach has seen her engage directly with communities, survivors, and families, ensuring that their stories are not just heard but acted upon. Her leadership has inspired many to join the cause, and her passion serves as a constant reminder of the change one individual can bring about when driven by purpose and love.

"Shifting Hears And Saving Lives, One Bullet At A Time"

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