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TaKisha M Jacobs
Chief Ambassador

A single mother of 5 children who’s worked hard to provide for all of them, alone. A Starting out her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she worked at St.Pauls Nursing home and Cardinal Rehabilitation Center for a combined total of 3 years. Takisha’s passion to care for people grew even more, she began working at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center as A Unit clinical Assistant for 8 yrs, after venturing to Indianapolis to work at Hendricks Regional Hospital in Danville Indiana for 7 yrs. Takisha furthered her education and became a certified Echocardiogram Tech as well as a Medical Assistant all while working full time. Takisha also worked for Dr. William Kamanda for 3 years. She has been recognized by doctors,nurses, and coworkers for her genuine empathy, compassion, and care for the patients and their family members. Takisha was not satisfied with just a few certifications under her belt, so she then decided to attend Martin University as well as Ivy tech Community College to earn her Nursing degree. Unfortunately, she had too put school on hold. Being a Mother that is present in her children’s lives was something she believed to be more important. Attending after school activities, sports games, and even school functions was something she firmly believed in. Keeping her children actively involved in after school programs is something that means the world to her, and as their mother, she should be there to support them and guide them through life. July 4, 2017 tragedy struck. Takisha and her children went to visit other family in Indianapolis, IN when her youngest son whom was 15, was shot simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He fought for his life in a hospital bed for 9 days. Unfortunately, on July 12th he passed away. This was a life altering change in her life. The pain, hurt, helplessness, anger, frustration, depression, and the TORTURE, is something No ONE SHOULD EVER have to endure. Losing someone so young, so dear to her heart wasn’t easy to bounce back from, but instead of being angry and upset, she decided to turn her pain into purpose. She has become passionate about putting an end to gun violence, helping innocent people deal with these same emotions she did but in a positive way. The young men who murdered her son, are just that, YOUNG MEN. Takisha is now the Vice President of Jump for Jesus, & Lead Chief Ambassador for Bullets for Life the Indiana chapter and became and Advocate for mental health. She plans on continuing her positive reinforcement and educating those who suffer or just need a shoulder to cry on, and most of all put an end to senseless gun violence & Connect2BeTheChange!

Loria Perez
Director of Community Relations

Loria Perez is a community gun violence prevention advocate. This mother of 4 boys have been spreading love and bringing awareness to senselessness of city gun-violence. After having 2 sons being affected on April 30, 2017; one losing his life to gun violence and the other being the surviving witnessing of his brother assignation. She has token this mission beyond personal. Loria supports her community by reaching the youth and families left to grief their losses. Sending the clear message that: “We don’t retaliate....We reconcile” She’s the CEO/Founder of galvanizing movement called J.U.M.P (Jesus use me please). As Loria continue to motivate spreading love to streets of South Bend, Indiana she partnered with several organizations taking a stance fighting against Gun-Violence. Her partnerships include Moms Demand Action and Bullets 4 Life. With a Host Of others as they all have partnered with a mission to Connect To Be The Change.
Loria profound work consists of, partnering with community leaders, public school systems, and community service centers. She has bridge the gap with local trauma and mental health alliances such as Reflection, Mentoring Minds, Mental Health Alliances of Michiana. Along side providing platforms: Justice For South Bend and WUBS 89.7 FM radio. Her message reaches far beyond her local community its reaching our nation in hopes to end gun violence. Loria’s mission is first reaching the youth in the inner city. By giving the essential needs such as love, respect, understanding, counseling’s and intervention resources. We no longer can just say put the guns down. We must dig up the source by the root which has been the mentality of needing a firearm and using one to cause harm. Lori states “until we demonstrate respecting life how do we expect them too.” It starts with loving and standing up for our children. Being a survivor keeps growing, she refuses to allow her grief to get the best of her… Loria’s mission continues with the heartfelt message: A Mother’s Love Never Dies. Earning the name from her community youth as Mama Bird.