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      Shifting hearts and saving lives,  one bullet at a time…..

Bullets 4 Life is a 501c3 Non-profit that was founded in 2016 with one purpose – to shift hearts and save lives.  So far we’ve collected over 5000 bullets from inner cities and high crime neighborhoods through which we can raise awareness about senseless gun violence and its effects on our communities. From revenge bullets to suicide bullets , with each donated it gives an opportunity to reflect and think about the bigger picture -One less bullet on the street, one less life lost to senseless gun violence. 

What We Do


Pop and Heal

Our Pop and Heal workshop provides a therapeutic medium for which families that have been affected by gun violence can take apart live bullets and create their very own re-purposed accessories. This way they can save a life in honor of their loved one and have a safe space to express themselves and heal.

No Bullet Zone

Through our No Bullet Zone initiative we raise awareness on the issue of gun violence at the source that needs it the most. Our Schools and our Kids. Through this workshop we allow students to create their own accessories with bullet shells all while reflecting and informing themselves on this problem and all the lives that have been affected. In the end they get to keep the accessory they’ve made and be proud that they were able to save a life and spread the message to their peers. 

If you have been affected by gun violence or know someone who has, please reach out to us.
(305) 600-9147